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Author: Igor Polyakov (
Translated By: Alessandro Seren Rosso
Date: 12/30/2011
Andrei Pedan: “In the future I want to play in the NHL”

2012 National Hockey League (NHL)

In this interview by Igor Polyakov published on the Russian portal, defenseman Andrei Pedan (New York Islanders) talked about the WJC, explained the differences between Russia and Canada concerning practices and explained what are for him Russia and Canada.

- Andrei, of course the first question is about the WJC…
- I played two exhibition games, but unfortunately the decision wasn’t good from my side. Most likely Valery Bragin felt like other players were better. Or I didn’t fit the team’s playing style…

- And what if he’d call you back?
- I’m ready to play at the WJC at any time! (smiles)

- That is, no offense?
- Of course not. It’s hockey, it’s sport!

- Are there differences between practices in Russia and in Canada?
- Of course there are! The first difference is in the practices’ intensity. And also in the players’ attitude towards practices – it’s the sense of life!

- Are you satisfied with living conditions in Canada?
- Now yes, I am. Earlier I was living in a family, it wasn’t especially good. Then we rented an apartment, now I live with grandmother, she cooks for me and all is good!

- Many said that in the OHL they have different attitudes toward foreigners, in part toward Russians…
- You’re absolutely right! But it depends on the team. With the Guelph Storm all is excellent and we are a big family!

- How does Andrei Pedan (New York Islanders) spend his free time?
- How? Well, there isn’t much considering that we have two practices a day if we don’t have a game: at 10 AM for one hour and half, them some rest, and then the evening practice on ice. Sometimes I go to the films with my friends, or we play tennis or soccer. I try to do useful things in any free minute. On the autobus or during transfers I read books…

- And there is always the internet…
- Well, yes. I also can use Skype! (smiles)

- You’re still a student.
- Of course, I’m still studying with remote courses…

- What’s your favorite team in the KHL?
- … (pause) Dinamo Moscow… But now Amur Khabarovsk. I really like the way they play!

- And in the NHL?
- New York Islanders and Detroit Red Wings…

- Do your parents attend your games?
- This year not yet, but last year they did…

- How are things doing with English language?
- Pretty well!.. I did study at an “English” school, but I have to say that the English language I learned here is truly different from the one we talked there…

- Andrei, what is Russia for you and what is Canada for you?
- I’m a true Russian patriot! I say this sincerely and honestly. Canada is my place of work and play. And that only!

- Are you planning to get back playing in Russia in the future?
- For the future (pause) … I don’t want to guess, but I want to play in the NHL. And concerning the near future, I want to play at the 2013 WJC in Ufa…

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