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Author: StaffDate: 03/18/2010
QMJHL: Kabanov vs Galiev

2009 Canadian Junior Leagues

Stanislav Galiev skates during a QMJHL regular season game (Copyright @vchan)

On the QMJHL this week there was a battle of giants as Kirill Kabanov's Moncton Wildcats faced Stanislav Galiev's Saint John's Sea Dogs. The Wildcats won 5-2, but their coach barely played Kabanov. He was iced on the third line and played on only one powerplay and got no PK time, even when there was a 5 minute major penalty. On the other hand, Galiev was on the first line for his team and had good Powerplay time. staff followed the game and presents you an evaluation of both 2010 NHL Draft Eligibles.

Kirill Kabanov report:

- Stickhandled well up the middle through the neutral zone, but was poke-checked at the blue line.

- Made a nice deke around a defenseman, although the goalie got to the puck first.

- Attempted to block a shot.

- Displayed a good passing game.

- Made an unbelievable deke around a Pens first round defenseman, Simon Despres, and then made a nice pass in front of the net, although his teammate couldn't bury the great chance. Kabanov was stickhandling into St. John's zone and from his left, Despres came toward him leading with his shoulder and elbow. Kabanov had his head up, so he slid behind the defenseman, while letting the puck slide ahead of Depres and Depres was now completely out of position and Kabanov had the puck and made a nice pass to his teammate out in front of the net.

- Drew a penalty from strong puck possession along the boards.

- Doesn't mind physical play.

- Sometimes leaves the defensive zone too early before the puck is cleared.

- Patient with the puck.

- Made a nifty play to gain body position and then won the race for the puck.

- Overall, Kabanov played well although he should try to shoot more (no shot attempts) and he needs to improve his play in his own zone.

Stanislav Galiev's report:

- Good bodychecks on the forecheck.

- Coughed up the puck with bad passes on the powerplay twice.

- Tried to block a shot.

- Nice quick release on a shot.

- Good passes.

- Hard wrist shot.

- Good positionally and backchecks well.

- Made a good rush on the PP with his speed and took the puck to the net.

- Overall, Galiev played a good game and he seems like he is good at everything, but not amazing at any one aspect of the game ... Like he is well-rounded.

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