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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 02/21/2009
Metallurg Novokuznetsk beats Severstal Cherepovets

2009 Continental Hockey League (KHL)

After a hard fought game Metallurg Novokuznetsk managed to rally past Severstal winning with a 6-4 score. The game hasn’t started easily for them as after the first period the team coached by Boris Mikhailov was down by two goals because of a marker by Oleg Gubin, assisted by Ladislav Nagy and Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues), and a quick counterattack goal by Bardin. The game’s turning point has been in the second period: after a big save by Sergei Bobrovsky, Chupin launched Maxim Kitsyn in the neutral zone, who schooled Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues) with a between-the-legs fancy move and put it in the back of the net past Russian hockey veteran Alexander Vyukhin for a highlight reel goal. Metallurg will score other four goals in the middle stanza: just seven seconds later a Severstal defender missed an easy pass, serving Shinkar free to shot. Vyukhin stopped it, but the Kazakh Dmitri Dudarev scored on the rebound. At the thirty-third minute Evgeny Bumagin made it 3-2, but Severstal managed to counter strike, tying it up with the younger Vadim Shipachev. The home team simply had more inspiration in the second period and scored other two goals with Shinkar and a blue line slap shot by Nikolai Semin.
In the third period Severstal tried the reaction benching Vyukhin and icing Slovak Rastislav Stana, but Metallurg added a goal with a great wrist shot by Ogorodnikov from the right circle, with Kitsyn adding an assist. A late goal by Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues) fixed the score to the 6-4.

Metallurg Novokuznetsk – Severstal Cherepovets 6-4 (0:2, 5:1, 1:1)

09:06 0-1 Oleg Gubin (Ladislav Nagy, Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues))
16:36 0-2 Nikolai Bardin (Sergei Soin)
26:40 1-2 Maxim Kitsyn (Alexei Chupin)
26:47 2-2 Dmitri Dudarev (Alexander Shinkar)
32:00 3-2 Evgeny Bumagin (Valeri Khlebnikov)
33:19 3-3 Vadim Shipachev (Sergei Piskunov)
38:10 4-3 Nikolai Semin (Richard Kapush)
39:09 5-3 Alexander Shinkar (Toronto Maple Leafs) (Richard Kapush)
46:48 6-3 Sergei Ogorodnikov (New York Islanders) (Alexei Chupin, Maxim Kitsyn)
49:05 6-4 Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues)

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