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Author: Sergei Livak (AllHockey.Ru)
Translated By: Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 12/08/2007
Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals): It's surprising that I wasn't called up

2008 Super League

Semen Varlamov accepting the MVP Award at the U18 Four Nations Tournament in Mytische Russia (Photo Source - Lokomotiv 2 Official Website/Yana Romanova)

Lokomotiv and U20 team Russia goalie Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) gave an exclusive interview to AllHockey.Ru after yesterdayís game against Metallurg Magnitogorsk (3:1).

Good evening Semen. If you donít mind, we will start with the question of the U20 national team.
S. Varlamov: Yes, please, I am ready to answer your questions.

How did you take the fact that you were not invited to the U20 national team training camp?

S. Varlamov: To be honest it was a big surprise.

What was the reason? Have you been keeping in contact with U20 national team?

S. Varlamov: Last time I talked to Sergei Nemchinov was after a game in Moscow against Spartak, and he told me that I need to get ready for the national team and the World Championships. After that we havenít talked.

After the announcement of the roster, you havenít talked to him?

S. Varlamov: No, after that match we havenít talked. For me it was a surprise, because I was getting ready, and was already thinking about the national team, about how I will be playing there and for what.

So, your last performance for the U20 national team is the super series?

S. Varlamov: Yes.

Was your relationship there normal?

S. Varlamov: Our relationship has been normal, no conflicts. I am not really a person of conflicts. I never had any problems with guys nor the coaches.

What about when you were called up to the first team, then the U20 team left without you, the first also left without you, you still had no contact with him?

S. Varlamov: From the side of the U20 squad no one came in contact with me.

And Bykov explained the fact that you ended up outside the team?

S. Varlamov: Vyacheslav Bykov told me that I will be going home and they will be taking another skater with them. Thatís it.

Will you get in contact with Nemchinov yourself?

S. Varlamov: No. I wasnít invited to the national team, what can you do. I guess that means I am not deserving.

So, it seems that the main goalie of a Super League club is considered to be lower than backup goalies?

S. Varlamov: I think that question should be asked to the national team coaching staff.

Now what are your plans?

S. Varlamov: Right now we, with the rest of the team is going to Egypt. We will spend a week there, then we will return here, continuing to train, and continue the season.

You are going to rest or to prepare for the rest of the season?

S. Varlamov: There we will be resting and getting ready.

So, the team is leaving, but your phone would be turned on, and the national team coaches will be able to reach you?

S. Varlamov: No, I will turn off the phone. I want to get away from everything, including hockey. Complete removal of everything.

Understood. And how will you comment about the situation that has happened with the goalies on your Super League team?

S. Varlamov: There is some information that Egor Podomatsky is leaving, and another new goalie is coming in Ė a Finn Riksman. So, right now we will have two more good goalies. So, I will be competing with them for ice time.

I heard that in connection with Egorís departure, the club plans to sign another goalie?

S. Varlamov: Yes? Not Martin Brodeur by chance?! (laughing)

Well, I think that it would be interesting for your to compete with Brodeur for a spot in the lineup, but in this case, I think the conversation is not about him. So, there is no news within the team about a new goalie?

S. Varlamov: No, we donít know anything.

Then can I only wish you a nice rest and to prove to the U20 national team coaches that their selection was a mistake. Although, I think after the end of the second Super League phase they will still have another chance to invite you to the U20 national team.

S. Varlamov: U20 national team?

, why not? You would get a chance to get ready on a more serious level.
S. Varlamov: I guess they could call me up, if I have my passport with me, but how will they figure out my visa?

You will be back in a week right?

S. Varlamov: I guess we will see what happens..

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