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Author: Eugene Belashchenko (RussianProspects Exclusive)Date: 11/12/2006
Russia - Czech Republic - Exclusive RussianProspects Scouting Analysis

2007 Karjala Cup (EuroTour)

October 12th, 2006

CZECH REPUBLIC - RUSSIA - 2:3 (1:0, 0:0, 1:2, 0:0, 0:1).


- 1:0 Chaslava (7.58),
- 1:1 Kharitonov (Antipov, Leschev, 40.27, pp),
- 2:1 Guml (Chaslava, 50.21),
- 2:2 Schastlivyy (Vorobev, Kondratev, 58.04),
- 2:3 Kulemin (65.00, deciding penalty shot).
THREE STARS: Schastlivyy, Koshechkin, Chaslava.
RUSSIA (12): Koshechkin; Atyushov - Varlamov-k, Nikulin (2) - Koltsov, Kuteykin - Grebeshkov, Kondratev - Emelin; Antipov - Leschev (2) - Kharitonov, Kulemin - Kuryanov - Simakov, Vorobev - Schastlivyy - Konkov, Volkov - Nepryaev (6) - Shishkanov (2).
CZECH REPUBLIC (16): Malek; Gamr - Platil (4), Chekh (4) - Blatyak, Zib (4) - Chaslava, Chutta; Sikora - Glinka-k - Varada, Irgl - Straka - Gubachek, Shimanek - Skugravy (2) - Vesely, Brandl - Divishek (2) - Mateyovski, Guml, Frolik.
SHOTS: 34 (14, 14, 6, 0) - 25 (3, 9, 10, 3).

6:40 - Denis Grebeshkov brought the puck up ice, but had trouble finding a target for a pass in the offensive zone, though finally released the puck with a nice feed towards the net. The forward could do little with the puck and it ended up bouncing back out to Grebeshkov, who rifled it again towards the net, though this time the shot was deflected to the side.

7:30 - Evgeny Varlamov made a mistake with a clearing pass from the back of his zone. The puck was intercepted at Russia's blue line, though no danger resulted, as Albert Leschev fought for the puck and beat out the Czech player.

8:02 - Czech Republic scores off a face off on the circle to the right of Koshechkin. The faceoff is won by the Czechs and the puck was fed back to the blue line, where a Czech defenseman rifled a slap shot past the goalie in a butterfly, just above Koshechkin's sprawled out goalie pad. The goalie appeared to have been slightly out of position due to a screen and the puck also appeared to be deflected and change direction.

8:30 - Russia quickly got on a powerplay when a check player was called off for slashing. In the first seconds of the power play Nepriayev won the faceoff, feeding the puck to Shishkanov, who quickly one timed it all the way across the ice to Alexei Emelin, who skated into the offensive zone unopposed. Emelin one timed the puck with a shot towards the net, catching the Czech goalie Malik by surprise, but unfortunately hitting the goal post. Russian forwards Nepriayev and Shishkanov around the net were unable to stuff the rebound into the open net and the puck was cleared out of the zone.

9:30 After the continious attach by Russia's fourth line, Russia's top line took over, albeit without as much success. The only highlight of the last 30 seconds of the power play was defenseman Ilya Nikulin's blistering slap shot from the blue line that did not reach its target, but did hurt a Czech player who lay on the ice before skating off.

11:10 - Denis Grebeshkov one timed a great feed from the right boards in the offensive zone to Petr Schastlivy, who was alone at the opponent's crease. Schastlivy was unable to beat the Czech goalie at point blank range.

12:10 - Koshechkin finally faced a first serious challenge, when a Czech forward received a pass while streaking towards the goalie and tried to stuff the puck past the Russian goalie. Koshechkin sprawled out in the net in a butterfly and ably covered the right post that the Czech forward was attacking.

13:20 Ilya Nikulin earned Russia's first penalty when Kiril Koltsov lost the puck in the neutral zone, leaving Nikulin one on one with the Czech forward. Nikulin tried to steal the puck from the Czech forward while moving in front of him, but instead ended up being out of position and had to hook the player to prevent a clear shot on Koshechkin.

16:36 - Simakov had a great chance to score for Russia when he got a pass from Nikolai Kulemin right in front of the net, but he was unable to control the pass and one time it to the net.

17:45 - Ivan Nepriayev raided the opponent's net and got sweft off his feet in the crease, forcing a penalty.

21:40 - Former NHLer Alexander Kharitonov had a great chance when he got a pass on the opponent's blue line and streaked in before releasing a wrist shot from underneath a Czech defenseman, but the goaltender made a save.

24:30 - Russia made a couple of serious defensive mistakes in their own zone, leaving a Czech player alone with Koshechkin and then a two on one, which was ably stopped by Schastlivy who blocked a pass.

26:10 - While shorthanded Ivan Nepriayev got a great half ice length pass from Simakov on the opponent's blue line and almost had a breakaway, but he could not handle the bouncing pass and the puck flew past him.

27:10 - Ivan Nepriayev was called for a two minute minore penalty for holding an opponent behind Russia's net. The penalty was well deserved, as the opponent bit Nepriayev and the young player was trying to hold the player up.

30:05 - Kiril Koltsov had a great chance when he joined in on the offensive as Russian forwards fought for the puck behind the opponent's net. He skated towards the opponent's net, got a pass and unfortunately his wrist shot was deflected away from the net as he went by two Czech players before making it.

33:40 - Vladimir Antipov had a great scoring chance when he got a pass right in front of the opponent's net, but was unable to release a shot in time. The opportunity came as a result of another one of Czech penalties, this time a Czech player Roman Cech hooked Nikolai Kulemin.

34:30 - Konkov skated the puck into the offensive zone, passing form the left boards to streaking Petr Schastlivy, who skated past the opponent's net and then made a quick feed to Ivan Nepriayev, who was next to the crease. Nepriayev one timed the pass to the five hole, but Malik made the stop. The Konkov - Nepriayev - Schastlivy power play line has been highly effective in this sequence.

36:50 - Ivan Nepriayev is really the only Russian player who repeatedly crashes the opponent's net. The young forward constantly drives towards the net and on a couple of occasions ended up in it along with the goalie after being pushed in by a defenseman.

37:05 - Russia had four shots at point blank range on Malik, but could not break the goalie. Shishkanov, Volkov and Nepriayev each had a chance but could not raise the puck over the sprawled out Malik. The sequence finished with Nepriayev being sent off the ice for roughing after he hit an opponent in the back.

39:05 Denis Grebeshkov does not hesitate to join in on the offensive, skating into the opponent's zone with the forwards on an odd man rush, but the pass from Simakov did not get to him as he was crashing the net.

40:27 - GOAL! Vladimir Antipov skated around the opponent's net with the puck and made a precise cross ice feed from the boards to the right of the opponent's net to Kharitonov on the left side of the net, as the veteran forward was open and unnoticed by the Czech defense. Kharitonov one timed the pass into the open corner of the net before Malik could shift over.

41:45 - Throughout the game Timofei Shishkanov has been very effective in using his size at the boards. The opponent has had a very tough time getting the puck away from him.

44:10 - Maxim Kondratiev joined on the offensive, making a nice set up for a scoring chance, but was not able to get back to the blue line in time and when the resulting shot went past the net, the Czechs quickly organized a counterattack, streaking 2 on 1 against only Emelin. Emelin effectively blocked the passing lane, leaving Koshechkin the shot. The goalie handled the shot well with his glove, but gave up a rebound which he then covered up.

46:50 - Koshechkin showed off his immense size and reach when he stopped two dangerous shots from Czech forwards after dropping into the butterfly and effectively moving to block the subsequent shot.

48:00 - Ivan Nepriayev called for a 2 minute penalty for hooking a Czech forward in the neutral zone.

49:45 - Nikolai Kulemin almost scored shorthanded when he received a pass on the move near the opponent's blue line from Simakov, forced his way into the offensive zone, fooled the opposition's netminder, but couldn't release a precise shot past the sprawled out goalie.

50:21 - Ivan Huml scored for the Czech Republic after skating from behind the net, faking a shot to get Koshechkin to comit and then releasing a wrist shot to the far top corner of the net. Unfortunately, any chances for Koshechkin to stop the shot were lost when Ivan Nepriayev accidentally crashed into the netminder, forcing him further to the right side of the net and way out of position.

53:15 - Shishkanov again showcased his immovable ability, fighting for the puck behind the opponent's net and forcing a Czech defenseman to commit a holding penalty.

53:45 - Kiril Koltsov had a great scoring chance, showing off his quick, precise wrist shot. He got the puck in the offensive zone next to the boards, skated it towards the front of the net and released the unexpectedly quick shot, which almost trickled through Malik, but he stopped it with his pad

58:05 - GOAL! Petr Schastliv evens the game at 2:2, putting in a rebound off Pavel Vorobiev's shot with a backhand.


1:10 - Maxim Kondratiev skated the puck deep into the offensive zone and made a feed to a Russian forward, but the forward could not get the shot off. Kondratiev, though, again did not get back in time, and made a questionable pass back to Ilya Nikulin, which the latter wisely chose not to try handle, as that would put him out of position and open a way for a breakaway.
2:10 - The Czechs had a number of dangerous shots on Koshechkin, but the Russian goalie was reliable in net. He does, however, seem to give up a good number of rebounds in front of him.
4:35 - Shishkanov made a great feed from behind the net to Antipov, who one timed it to the net, but missed the top left corner by a couple of inches.


Koshechkin stopped two of the three shots he faced, with the only one he let in over his glove after dropping into the butterfly. He stopped Pavel Brendl after the latter forced the Russian goalie to the ice, but then Koshechkin raised his glove and caught Brendl's shot into what seemed an empty top half of the net.

Kharitonov scored the first penalty shot after faking Malek out and putting the puck in the net on the glove side above the pad. Kulemin scored on his attempt as well, as he skated quickly to the netminder, made a nice fake with the puck and put a quick wrist shot above Malik's blocker.

- Eugene Belashchenk (

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